Published on Friday April 28, 2023 at 09:12

Ready Steady

  • Ready Steady
Discover the new, original activity to enjoy with your team or your colleagues
Ready Steady has just launched the ‘Bartender Olympiads’, a new event to enjoy as a team in the shape of Olympiads. You’ll take each other on in trials that are all more surprising than each other.
Create cocktails in teams of two, each person only having one hand to work with, the café boy race, the ‘Cocktail’ Relay, creating cocktails together, one blindfolded, the other with hands tied, mimes or alphabet games, or even games of ‘boules with corks’ followed by a tasting are some of the many activities on the programme.
“Bartender Olympiads” is the perfect activity to no longer have to choose between the benefits of an outdoor physical activity and the conviviality of a ‘tasting’ workshop.